Monday, August 9, 2010

What do you do when you've fallen in love with your husband's best friend but he doesn't feel the same?

He's a decent guy who has told me that we will never be together in that way, but that I am a dear friend he doesn't want to lose. I helped bring him out of a serious depression a few months ago and he's got a huge piece of my heart and we both have an attachment to each other. We have an attraction and we flirt, but he's adament that we will never be more than friends. My heart is breaking because I seriously am deeply in love with him.

I love my husband, but have not been in love with him for over 10 years now and I didn't realize how it felt to be in love until this man entered my life (he and my husband have been friends for years, but I'd never met him). My marriage has been dead for so long, as has my heart and soul, and almost the first moment this man entered my life I began to feel alive again. I am absolutely beside myself with grief over knowing that I will not have a future with him other than friendship.

I am lost. I opened my heart to this man and now it's breaking.What do you do when you've fallen in love with your husband's best friend but he doesn't feel the same?
I think what you're feeling is infatuation more than love. It's exciting to be ';in love';, you helped him in a big way that bonded the 2 of you, blah, blah, blah.......

He's told you nothing will ever happen then respect that and get on with your life. If you're that miserable with your husband then I suggest you talk to him about a separation or divorce. Don't hurt your husband AND destroy his relationship with his friend.What do you do when you've fallen in love with your husband's best friend but he doesn't feel the same?
You need to wake the frack up and remember YOU ARE MARRIED! You don't love this guy you lust him. You love your husband, you're not in love with him. Soooo get your head back on straight and make your husband you're next fixer-upper. You want to wreck so many lives with your selfishness. He already told you it will never be. Believe him and don't try and tempt him to change his mind. Look at the long term picture. Get back to centre woman.
let it go. he know's the drama behind this and he's trying to spare you from it. you need to let your hubby go too.
I think you are confusing lust with love. He has made it clear to you that he is not interested in being any thing other than a friend... I do feel like you should detach yourself from your husband's friend and seek the help of a marriage counselor..
damn u just get a divorce n let ure poor husband know what u did to him woman like u make me sick!!!!!! its ure husband's friend s**t
You have to honor this man's commitment to his friend, your husband and any other reason he gives for not wanting to take the relationship farther. Treasure him as a good friend.

Then take your husband and rekindle the ';in love'; fires. They only burn out because we start taking the day to day grind of life seriously and forget how to find the truly special moments.
Either seek counseling with your husband or get out of your marriage. Forget the other guy, it will never work out.
You let it go. Hell, even if he feels the same, you let it go.

You claim to love your husband, yet you wouldn't care about hurting him like that the first time the opportunity presented itself? Whether you're in love with him or not, you wouldn't do that to someone you love.

This other man sounds like a good human being, and a great friend. What's more, he clearly told you it's not going to happen.

Save everyone involved, yourself included, some serious grief. End both relationships, and come back to life. In fact, don't get into a relationship at all--take some time off, and get to know yourself. You shouldn't need a relationship to feel alive.
To even be thinking about this other man that way is CHEATING on your husband. You are breaking your marriage vows! This man doesn't want more than friendship (thank goodness). You will be lucky if your husband doesn't divorce you and the friend doesn't want you and you are all alone! Work on your MARRIAGE! If you put as much effort into the marriage as you did in helping the friend, you might find some real happiness!
If you're marriage is dead, you let it die. If you're expecting me to feel sympathy for your desire to cheat-sorry! Won't happen.

You need to stay far away from this man. You need to respect your husand, your marriage and the fact that the guy says he does NOT want to be romantically involved with you.

I think this is no more than a school girl style crush on a guy you know you can't have.
sorry, i am too busy feeling sorry for other people with real problems, not those who want to cheat on their husbands.
and you well deserve it. If you dont love your husband, if you dont want to be with him, TELL HIM. I get so sick and tired of women and men coming on here looking for sympathy from us... you were wrong, your marriage is dead you say so get a divorce and let that man alone.... you're heart is breaking... imagine how your husband will feel when he finds out you tried to screw his BEST friend. How would you feel if the roles were reversed?

I have no tolerance for women and men who cheat.
Try to change his mind. He's a guy, you can wear his resistance down.
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