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Muslim women pls...if you husband wanted to marry a second wife would you ok it?

Lets assume finances are not a problem and your husbands tells you he's fallen in love with another woman and wants to marry her also how would you feel personally?...does love mean you should accept this becuse it is something he wants even if you don't want it?...I want your serious thoughts on polygamy please...Your prophet Mohammad four wives are acceptable but I want your personal opinion on this practice. thanks in advanceMuslim women pls...if you husband wanted to marry a second wife would you ok it?
I'm being totally honest here. Me personally i would not be ok with it. I've known women who are totally cool with it, and even end up being best frinds with the second wife! As for me, i will never agree with. I can't. Plain and simple. I can't even imagine my husband in the arms of another woman. I just can't.Muslim women pls...if you husband wanted to marry a second wife would you ok it?
Under the circumstances you describe, the husband has committed a sin and a betrayal and the wife would be correct to be upset and hurt by it. For Muslims, interactions between unrelated males and females are to be limited to essential work, and socializing between the genders is forbidden if there is fear of ';falling in love';. You can like someone for their actions, admire them for their positive qualities, even find them to be beautiful, but you don't ';fall in love'; until after Marriage.

If I were married to a good, just, and sincere Muslim man, and he wanted to take a second wife because he wanted to support her or her children (from a previous marriage), I would not disagree, as long as he is able to treat his wives equally and with justice. Wish for your brother (or in this case, sister) what you would want for yourself.
I'd be heartbroken.

if i had taken the time to fall in love with him then why would he deny me the right to be his only wife?

If i were dying and incaple ofserving him then yes he is more than welcome to marry another woman. but THIS SCENARIO of Falling in Love is a sin. Why would i permit him to cary on with a sin?

I had a long answer planned here, then I erased it..

Just NO.. simple enough
that would leave me very jlous and hurt i will devorce him and wish him good life.
No I wouldn't be ok with it. Obviously if there was something wrong with me or I could not fulfil my duties maybe I would reconsider but otherwise no way. I would feel very insecure and would always be wondering why and if.
I thought that was only permissable if it was discussed and agreed upon with the first wife before marriage? or did I learn wrong? Like if he married the first wife and she tells him before hand that she's not ok with it and he does it anyway then it wouldn't be allowed.

sorry I realize that's not an answer. Anyway I would never be down with it regardless of what religion I was. One woman should be enough for any man.
nopes, im way too jealous and possessive, i would only allow it if the woman was out on the streets and needed his support. other than that, if he loves HER so much, he can divorce me and have HER as the wife instead! i dont share my spouse %26gt;.%26lt;

he is only supposed to do it if there is a NEED for him to marry this woman...and only if he can love us each equally is he allowed to do it, which in the quran Allah swt has said is nearly impossible - which means that its only extreme cases that he is ACTUALLY allowed to do it. Love isnt a reason. Like i said - if he loves her so much, he can go have her but NOT me at the same time.
well first of all I would allow it if the conditions of marrying a second wife applied. So if there is nothing wrong with me, and I'm not dieing and I can bare him children and treat him well then he really has no reason to go out and marry a second wife.

If I could not give him children and I was how ever sick and I could not do things for him then I would be ok on him marrying a second wife. If there was a sister that was having troubles with food and shelter and financial problems and my husband could help her in this then I would allow him to marry a second wife after all Islam allows it who am I to take one of his rights in Islam away I mean of course I would be a little jealous but Allah will reward me.
If you permit him to do it, then you shaould also join him and his new wife for a threesome. Who know, she may like you better than him.

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