Friday, August 20, 2010

Ladies! Do you still...?

Do you still love your husband or SO as much as the day you fell in love with him? Are you still as physically/emotionally/romantically attached to him?

I have been with my fiance for 6 years and I still can't keep my hands/eyes/mind off of him. When he comes home from work, I am ready to jump on him almost immediately. Is that obsessive? He is just so hot!! Not only that, he is just a good man. How about you ladies?Ladies! Do you still...?
Hello, Yes I love Jesse more now than the Day we married. I loved his looks and personally then. But now after 5 years I've come to appreciate what a good man truly is. I am truly in love and can't wait until he comes home from work. He is my best friend and look forward to many more years with him.Ladies! Do you still...?
I love my husband more then ever and i still am very sexually and romantically attracted to him

We have been happily married almost 22 yrs and he has gotten sexier and sexier as the yrs have passed and i cant get enough of him...I am always horny for him lol.
I am way more in love and attracted to my husband than ever. We make out 24/7. We've been married 10 years, together 12, and we have 3 kids. We spend all of our time together when we aren't at work. We are best friends and we KNOW God made us specifically for eachother. He makes me a greater person and I try my hardest to do the same for him, even though he's already perfect.
I am 100x more attracted to my husband now than I was when we first met/fell in love/etc. I love him more every day......I am a VERY lucky woman to have found such a perfect guy for me. I know he isn't perfect...but for me, he is.
yes my hubby still hot funny just thinking about going to bed early the kids have gone out for the night!
That is great. You are in a happy relationship. Be grateful!
that's good you still feel that way :)
i feel the same...4 yrs for me...our men are very lucky =)

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