Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Question for the girls (and guys too)?

How long did it take for you to fall in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend? And if your married, how long did it take for you to fall in love with your husband/wife? Starting from the day you first met them. ThanksQuestion for the girls (and guys too)?
It took me about 5 mos. I loved my bf the first 3 mos, but when we started being around each other 24/7, I started to see all of his flaws, dissadvantages, and advantages to him. I loved everything good and bad about him and this is when i knew i was in love with him because i loved him as a whole. I took his bad and good and said...i love him unconditionally from now on and forever.Question for the girls (and guys too)?
It took me 8 years. I realize that love isn't easy and it always takes work and consideration for your spouse. God is the one who made it happen for me
well this is about my ex but it took abotu 1 year and a half. (he broke up wit me) the 21st would of been a year and i have not dated anyone since then imiss him so much.
When I saw my now wife for the first time, I knew that she was the one for me. But we dated about 4 months after meeting that I told her that I Loved Her. I proposed January 29,2006 and married June 20,2006.
i met him one month before and the feelings for him is still growing. actually love is not bounded to time. there are also som cases of love at first sight as well cases of childhood frnds turning into lovers!
When i first lay eyes on my beau, and vice versa we knew straight a way and fell for eachother very hard, and it's nothing but the best.
it only took me 1 1/2 months to fall in love with my boyfriend
if hes sweet not long but if hes a slow burner like kind of slow but cute yeah it takes awhile
when i just meet him i would like him i spend more time 2 know him better when i see his a great person and that he admitted himself he really like me i would start loving him
I think I have met the only man for me... we only had 9 days together and now he is gone... It was like a fire was ignited inside me that has never been lit before.
2 months after meeting her
I am married........15 years now.........And I would have to say I LOVED my husband (or at least my knees went week every time I saw him!)........About 6 months before I even knew his name........
about 4 years...for real.
It took me a month or two to realize I loved him and for us to say the three words to each other (I said it first!). But as time goes on, I love him more and more. We've been together 2 years, not married.
I felt that I loved my boyfriend before I even met him!! I was in highschool and I was walking with my best guy friend and I saw my now current boyfriend and he looked at me and smiled and I turned to my friend and said ';who was that? I have to meet him'; two weeks later we were dating... 4 years later we are still together :)
It only took a couple of weeks for me I guess he told me he loved me first and then we took it from there
I never fell in love with a guy if I wasn't initially attracted to them from the get go. I never grew to be in love with someone that I wasn't attracted to from the start. That has never changed. I have been attracted to guys that I did not like. That I stayed away from because they were bad news. I never got physically involved with a guy whom I was not attracted to...I have had guys tell me that the love would grow since we were such good friends. They were attracted to me but I wasn't and you just can't force it. But actually falling in love, there is not time frame. It can happen from the get go and just keep growing. But for me to eventually love the attraction had to be there.
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