Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to keep your husband and wife happy?

As we continue the journey through our generation, we are finding out that people are losing their control over the seriousness of relationships. Today, we see people play silly and useless jokes with relationships. These jokes can be similar to deceiving your wife with someone else or finding a better person. It could also mean that many people think of relationships as a means of having sex. Don鈥檛 you agree with me? It鈥檚 a pity that the growing world thinks of nothing but sex when couples fall in love. I think that a lot of people start a relationship for sex and once they have it, they break it up and move onto someone else. to keep your husband and wife happy?
people don't have respect for each other anymore.How to keep your husband and wife happy?
You keep your spouse happy by putting them first (besides God). You respect their opinions, think about how they would feel about things, do things you know they like, and be willing to go through the storm with them instead of quitting when times get rough. That's something that must be learned though. That's the awesome thing about marriage though, you can't practice it and it's an irreplaceable relationship.
wow... you have a husband and a wife at the same time? Depends on who you love more...

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