Friday, August 20, 2010

My mom is telling my sister's lies about my husband....?

My little sister who is 15 called me and told me my mom was telling her ';if you stay at your sister house (she means my house) that the brother in law (my husband) will fall in love with the sister and rape her.'; I can not believe she was telling this to my three younger sisters of 13, 15 %26amp; 18. Two weeks ago my 15 yr old sister wanted to come spend the night so I can trim her hair so she did and now I think my mom is upset that I did that but my mom does not come to me and tell me anything instead she says stuff like this. When my sister told me this I got upset and I was going to confront my mom and ask why she say these thing to my little sister. But my little sister said not to because my mom will know she told me and will get mad at her. Sometime I just can not believe what my mom says...I am starting to not even want anything to do with my mom anymore. How an my mom be so ungly and heartless....My mom is telling my sister's lies about my husband....?
confront her or be quiet....what kind of person is ur husband any motive for her to say this....My mom is telling my sister's lies about my husband....?
the first thing you have to do is make sure your sisters know that your mom is lying. even if they believe one thing, that can mess up your relationship with them. The you need to confront your mother and tell her if she doesnt accept your husband than you cant accept her as a motherly figure in your life.

I'd agree with your mom in this case

not that your husband would rape her but why would you want

your hot behind little sisters in your husband in your house.

men are very terriorial and even though he might not have sex with her the chance to see her in her pajamyjams is always a second thought. and girls these days dress very liberaly

so... my advice would be to keep the chearleaders out and the only woman that should be walkin around the house in her panties is YOU!!!
I think you're mom is just upset that you're married and out of the house. I just moved out with my best friend and my mom talks **** on me to my younger sisters too. Our relationship has totally fallen apart because of it, she even gets mad at them now if I take them to the movies. I'm 21 and they're 14 and 17. Even tho your sisters think your mom will get mad at them if you confront her you need to do it. First talk to your sister and explain to her how hurt you are that your mom would say something like that about you and explain to her that you're going to talk to her about it and then just do it.

It won't be an easy conversation but your mom shouldn't be talking **** on your or your husband to your sisters
Family is so hard to deal with sometimes because we dont get to pick them.... This is really awful and it sounds like this may be a pattern with you mom. I saw if this is the first time something like this has happened then confront her and try to work through it. If it is a pattern then I think you should confront her to tell her that you are cutting off contact with her. Just becuase she is your mother does not mean that she should be allowed to treat you and your husband like this. I feel like sometimes it is neccasary to cut the toxic people out of your life.... if you don't you will most likely be in for continued heartache. Good luck.
I think that it's worth confronting your mom...i don't want to be rude but there is a possibility that your sister could be lying...(the possibility is slim though considering the circumstances).

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