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How old was your husband when he slowed down and stopped playing video games?

he didn't play when we were dating or engaged. but the minute he slipped that wedding ring on (litterally!!!!) he picked up his controler and began his obsession (which i was not informed this had gone on his entire childhood!) with video games. 3 years and 2 monts later we're still going strong, and so is the dang x-box. he's 24, and i want to know, when will this stop? i'm miserable! i just want the guy i fell in love with back... now all i have is whats left over from the video games. i remember before we got married someone told me ';don't ever give him a hard time about video games'; and i laughed out loud and said ';my fiance is not THAT kind of guy';. joke is on me. because he was! i've tried confronting him about it for our entire marriage, and nothing. he plays hours on end every single day. when we get together with friends, he plays video games. i don't mind the group ones where we all play (rock band), but his daily obsession is wearing me thin!How old was your husband when he slowed down and stopped playing video games?
That stinks that he started his obsession after you were married! That gave you no warning! I knew that my husband loved video games before we were married, so I knew what I was getting myself into. At first I had a really hard time with it, but I've just come to accept it. He calls it his hobby, and I just think of it as, some guys fix cars out in the garage all weekend, some play video games all weekend...

My husband is 29, and it doesn't look like he's going to stop anytime soon. Does him playing interfere with your time together? Will he stop to have a ';date'; with you (out to dinner or whatever else)?

Also, about the kids, does he feel the same way you do about not allowing them to be around video games? Fortunately, my husband doesn't want our kids to be around them either, and he has agreed that when the time comes, he will play late after they're in bed, or just not at all.

From what you were saying, I hate video games just as much as you do! You didn't mention how you talked to him about it, but I've had conversations with my hubby about how I feel about it, and now he makes sure to get of to spend time with me. But there still are days when he spends 7-8 hours straight on it! lol

Sorry it's so long! I'm just venting too :)

Best of luck!How old was your husband when he slowed down and stopped playing video games?
stop trying to change your husband! I'm 27 years old and I still play video games... I have been married for like 5 years and we have 2 sons, my oldest is 5 and he plays with'a part of our childhood. my youngest brother is your husbands age, and he still plays, muchto his wife's dismay......... Face the fact: we will never stop playing video games. wouldnt you rather him play xbox than out all night playing the Slots or at the craps table??? O even worse, playing with some other woman!!!.. cmon now you are being real petty.. I'm sure he goe to work and still takes you places...... right?? Stop being a baby, pick up a controller and you play with him!!!
Video games are no longer childish. I play them, but my wife comes first regardless of what game im in the middle of. He needs to get his priorities straight.

It would be nice if she sat down and tried to play with me, but she is ';above'; that lol. My son and I enjoy playing all the time, it is how we bond(he is almost 4 and loves his Wii). so dont throw out the video games if you decide to have children, they teach a lot.
Worrying over video games is petty and immature on YOUR part. You won't have kids until the video games are gone?!?! YOU need to grow up... seriously.

Xbox is what your husband likes. It's his hobby, his free time, his thing. Either you learn to love it and play along, or give the poor guy a break and leave.

My hubby's 30, I'm 26, we BOTH play video games, sometimes me more than him! It's fun, and time well spent laughing, goofing off, and kicking each other's butt.

Your hubby shouldn't have to give up the one thing that obviously makes him content just because you threatened to withold children. If I were him I woulda left a long time ago, you sound like an attention-whore/nag.

just my opinion mind you. :)
A few of things.

First you obviously didn't know him well enough before you got married, because this started way before you guys met.

Second, trying to get someone to change something that he/she enjoys/loves is not the right way to get him to stop or fix a marriage.

There is nothing wrong/immature about playing video games, unless it affects one's responisibilities. It sounds like it does on some level because your relationship with doesn't sound that great right now.

My advice is to let him know how you feel and support him in his video game playing. However that you expect him to meet his responisbiities as husband and additional provider.

If he doesn't come around and starts changing his ways then maybe you should start looking elsewhere for a husband and father. (But he will probably never stop completely playing video games)
48. He used to play a few times a day. It wasn't a problem. We all have our hobbies, he just liked to shoot aliens....

He cooled down once we had a few children as there was no longer time.
Maybe you two can try a compromise. You play video games with him 1 or 2 hours every day, let him play alone 1 or 2 hours every day and the rest of the time is yours.

If he can't even do that for you, get marriage counseling and he needs personal therapy for himself. This is an addiction like alcohol and he can't just go 'cold turkey'. He needs some professional help.
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