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Would you still love your partner if they changed sex?

There's quite a few stories of women whose husvands change sex and they stay with them. I wondered how many women would be ok with their husband if they changed sex and how many men would not mind if their wives/girlfriends changed sex to a male? I personally would want my partner to be happy and love them...although I would certainly miss that special something, if you get what I mean!

If you really love someone, would it matter?

In an interesting conversation with my husband about bisexual people, I said (and I do NOT want to change sex, thise was just an interesting discussion) 'Would you fall in love with me/love me if I was exactly me, and even looked pretty much the same but I had male anatomy'?

Would the personlity be so important we could fall in love?

I think I recall my husband saying that as he loves me so much, he may fall in lovewith my personality but coldn't imagine having a sexual relationship with another man.Would you still love your partner if they changed sex?
I think most people couldn't. It seems that a lot of what goes into a relationship is hormonal. We'd like to think we love the person and always will, but sex can be very important in the most committed relationships, and sex means hormones.

That having been said, I'm almost positive I would stay married to mine. It would necessarily change somewhat the nature of the relationship, but I'm that commited to my partner.

But I totally get the ones who couldn't.Would you still love your partner if they changed sex?
really i don't know
Im sure I would love him, but its still an act of betrayal. People need to ';find themselves'; before ever attaching themselves to others.
Love him, yes. Want to stay with him, no. Without a sexual relationship and of the kind that you prefer it would be very difficult to go on. That sort of change would effect my identity as well. As I am not a homosexual I could not change to meet his needs. Those women that remain must be able to do that.

Just so you know, I gave the first thumbs up to RAJ.

C. :)!!
i would love them like no other because thats who i fell in love with ya know?????? but then again i couldnt be romantic with this person so it would mess up the chemistry and probably lead to a divorce

its all about how much u love a person

and if you want them to be happy like

you are
Interesting question. I think I would still feel love for that person....still the same inside. I think it takes a very strong and secure individual to stay in a relationship after.

As for the Bi-sexual part......good question. It would be the same person you fell in love with, just different parts.

I can't give an honest answer because I've never been in the situation. Good thing to think about, though.....If you really love someone, could you love them no matter what?
I imagine you would continue to care about the person; but I cannot see remaining with them in a sexual relationship. Not if you were a man. It might me more socially acceptable for a woman but I suspect in most cases they would react about the same as a man would to that scenario.
I would still love him, but as a friend as opposed to in a sexual way. I do find him attractive when he dresses in women's clothing, but that's as far as I could go I think. Any actual physical sex changes, no. I have experiemented and I know that I could never be fully satisfied in a relationship by another woman. Sad but true.
my opine is that god put us on the world as a man and a woman they should stay as they are.
I would still love my wife if she had a sex change. But I would also leave her.
i'm just not sure...i see the point in sex assignment when the anatomy is jumbled from the get. it would be best to allow those children to grow a little and then choose for themselves. but i feel there is something inherently wrong with an individual with perfectly good plumbing having re-assignment surgery. i don't think it should be illegal or anything but i don't think i could stay with someone who had that done.
I am bi. The man I'm with right now? No way. Simply because he is quite masculine and that's a huge trait in him. Its one of the first things that attracted me to him in the first place.

Now some of my ex's? Yeah, I would have stayed with them if their other behavior wasn't bad.
love them?..i honestly beleive i could because of the bond we already have..

be with them sexually since im not attracted to women?

no im afraid not.

be heartbroken over the whole daMn thing..

very much so...but who i am to stay in the way of someone's happiness? yes..even at the expense of my own

but at least ill have someone to shop with....i guess.
I can't phuck a man.
love in the spiritual sense maybe but attraction love would be gone
I like Cliffie answer...i would still love my husband but i would most def see a divorce in the future!
I would still love him, but I wouldnt be able to remain his/her wife. Its not legal first of all and secondly Im not a lesbian.
I wouldn't be able to stay married to him. I would still love him but we could only be friends after that. I'm not gay. I don't want to have a husband-wife relationship with a woman.
Love is one thing......Intimacy is another.....stay married ? That's just too weird for me.
I have to agree with some of the other answers here. I'd still love them, but I wouldn't be able to remain with them. The number one reason being that I am not attracted to girls.

On that not, your husband is a keeper!
I would still love my wife, but I don't think I would be sleeping with her anymore. Plus I have a great sex life, and this would definitely be a relationship killer. It's a lot easier for you to accept since you are bisexual and I am not.

Loving and accepting are two different things. I would still love her, but I dont think I would accept her as a partner. I don't swing that way.
I am not in the slightest attracted sexually to women so probably not.


I would still consider them a friend and love them as suach. But not as a romantic partner.
um NO, that would make me gay....and I don't like dudes like that
yes, yes i would
I think I would be ok with it, but he may not if the tables were turned. Women seem to be more accepting of same sex situations from my experiences.
If I was married and he got a sex change then it would probably mean he liked men and I am still a women so that wouldn't work well. I am bi, so I would still love him. Just maybe a little differently.

My current guy (we are just together for the sex) is showing more and more signs he is a closet gay. If he got a sex change I would still like him.
i would still love them but not be in love with them
Let me think.......... HELL NO!
If I was married to a feminist and she changed her sex to female again, I would still stay with her...

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