Friday, August 20, 2010

How'd you find your true love?

This is my story of love. and i met him on an online mmo.

Ok so me and my ex husband had been on the rocks. He was controling and mean to me. Yet i stayed with him. I was depressed i felt hopeless but i couldn't leave him i had gotten to comfortable with the abuse and neglect.

I played some games online being a full time house wife and being left alone most of the time. I had made a few friends online and spoke with them often. One of my friends had an Ex... I had never spoke to him before and when we finally spoke man he didn't like me and i wasn't sure about him.

We talked sh!t to each other and finally one day after a huge fight with my ex husband the guy messaged me. He said '; why are you so qiute it's kinda freakin me out?'; I responded with '; I'm not in the mood for talking.'; And we left it at that. Before he went to bed however he had spoke with some of my friends and sent me his number saying if i ever needed to talk just to text or call.

After a few days i got better and recovered from the fight and my depression. I texted the guy as a joke just playing around. We started talking as friends. Finally i started thinking about him. Every moment of the day. He messaged me telling me he was thinking about me too. We started getting more deep into our convos we spoke daily, and finally ended up talking over the phone. He learned of my abuse and how unhappy i was. He was a great comfort and finally we made a plan to get me out of the abusive home i was living in. He sent me a bus ticket and i packed my bags and escaped in the night.

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