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What would you do if you found out that your wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend is a transgender?

You had hopelessly fall in love with that person. However, on one night, he/she decided to tell you that he/she is actually a transgender. How would you react?

What's your sun, moon, rising please? Thank-you!What would you do if you found out that your wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend is a transgender?
I would want to know the details of the surgery. It's always amazing to me that they can turn a man into a woman and vice versa. I'm being 100% serious. I've had some weird situations thrown at me (nothing like this) and my reaction is never really ';normal'; lol. I don't freak out over much. I would be more curious than anything else as to HOW they were able to turn a ******** into a believable looking twig and berries. If I hadn't know until they told me that's means it's one real looking piece of work.What would you do if you found out that your wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend is a transgender?
Sorry, but I want to know something like that upfront. Trans gender people seem like they have to make you fall in love with them first then tell you the news after wards. How fair is that? They want to be treated with love and respect like everyone else then they should be honest up front. Its a form of trickery if you ask me. If they are comfortable with their new ';body replacements or added parts'; or now they ';finally feel like who they are on the inside matches what is on the outside, then why wait until later? Why not just make that part of the conversation on the first date and let the person who they are pursing make the choice.
It鈥檚 sad to say that a lot of people let superficial aspects of their lives help make judgments towards their relationships, ignoring their hearts.

Many trans-people do get married pre-transition in attempts to hide from themselves, with the majority of those marriages ending in divorce and abused towards the trans-person, through hate.

There鈥檚 a half dozen or better answers above mine that reflect just that sentiment, such as it鈥檚 against my religion or I would harm that person by doing this or that thing to them rather than listening to their heart.
dat is a good question lol i thought about dat too one time

....i would b reallly surprised and think he's kidding but.......i wouldn't really mind dat much b.c i mean they cant help it

cuz when u r born ur born with both male and female cell thingys and depending on which one dominates or which one u have most, dat's ur gender but some ppl r born as a male when they have more female cell or born as a female when they have more male cells

that's wat causes ppl to say dat they r lesbian or gay but w/e

it's just a problem dat happened so.....being a transgender kinda actually makes u da rite gender??

haha im confusing myself
My Mother has Chiron in Aquarius conjunct her IC. She was with a man for 8 years, that she really loved, who was an Aquarius.

At right around the exact time that Chiron went across her IC, he proposed to her, and about a month later, told her he wanted to become a woman. She really didn't know.

Been there, seen it. Seriously, that stuff is whacked. And, I don't care if that offends anyone. You want to change your genitals, see a therapist, not for assistance, for deep help. That's how I would react.

It's not fun and games. People start to go very crazy when a man tries to take womens hormones, and vice versa. It is not interesting, or fascinating. It's dangerous, and shouldn't be done.

You see man, growing breasts and starting to talk like a woman, your natural reaction is to have your stomach turn. And, trust me, they flip out seriously when they do this. It's like mating a Cow with a Lizard or something, and you can say free will, but why would we treat ourselves less than we do cows?

Seen it. Experienced it. It's just wrong.
I would be okay with it! The difference between transgender and being normal is akind of change, and I definately never expect my partner not to change. But to love me on certain terms... okok it makes sense really, I love my man and he is fine with me the way he is!!! I am ~ Gemini Sun and Capricorn Moon, Leo Rising =]
well i am a boy so if i found out that my girl friend or what ever is trans gender i would leave her because i am not attracted to the same gender parts and if your not a homosexual then it would not work i hope this helps?
well if you are hopelessly in love then you should be able to see past that but it is understandable to feel angry or betrayed because they did not tell you sooner. watever you choose i think you can get past it. good luck:)
i would never fall for a trap. I have admiral Ackbar to tell me when there is a possibility of a trap present.
there is no way i would ever date anyone who even had the possibilty of being transgender

my radar for a straight decent boyfriend is just that good

i am a scorpio sun, taurus moon and cancer rising.
If you're deeply in love with that person for who they are then why worry about the label of ';what'; they are.. I'm sure I would be a little thrown back as well, but just from the outside looking in, fallow your heart!
If I was caught up in her, I would run and get a divorce before I go on my honeymoon with her. I will do my best to make sure that I will never date a trans-gender.

Libra sun

Aquarius moon

Capricorn rising
Well hopefull by the time we were married, I would have found that information out. I'm not sure what i would do. I wouldn't say yuck and run away. I would probably continue to see where the relationship went and be understanding.
doesnt' matter what anyone else thinks... its going to be you that loves this person... not anyone you ask....

and if you want my opinion... i think it would be okay... though i would ask alot more questions... i would still love them the same.. maybe even more...
I'd honestly be very freaked out not only because they're transgender but because the person wasn't honest with me from the beginning. To not tell the person you love you were born a guy or girl is a BIG deal.
I suppose I'd be alittle bit freaked out. I'd want to have known that information sooner so maybe alittle bit betrayed but if you truly love the person it shouldn't matter.
I think I would get a transgender operation, too, so I could understand my mate better and relate to him/her on a deeper level.
After I was done puking my nuts off figuratively, I would rip their nuts off literally.
this happened to my dad about 6 months ago and because they were going out for about 6 years he left her becuase he felt he couldnt trust her any more
Well go with whatever you thought he/she was since thats what you fell in love with and just remove or shut the excess ';baggage';
I would tell them to get outta the house and never come back

I have no idea how they would have kept that from me because I move too fast!

That's a hard question to answer I have no idea how I would react if they got that passed me.
Depends on how it comes out. If I catch her standing up, peeing, when she decides to come clean, we're going to have some serious problems.
seeeee yaaaaaaaaaaa!
I would be fine with it. Absolutely fine. nothing can stop love
good question
Freak out
I really don't know
hmm I think I could deal with that.

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