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Serious Question? How did you fall in love with your Husband/Partner? Please Answer!?

My Mum said something to me today that bothered me. She said '; I really like Mick, but i was hoping you would feel head over heels, blissfully, madly in love with someone ';

The reason she said this was because when my partner and i first got together, we were both unsure of the relationship. Now (2 years later) we are both very happy.

I think the reason this bothered me is because ever since i was a girl, I have always dreamed of falling in love like they do in the movies. You know, going absolutley crazy over somebody, your whole life revolves around them, they are the light of your life, so on and so forth.

So my question is, when you fell in love with your partner/Husband, did you instantly love them without question, or was it more of a gradual but growing love for them?

Thanks :)

P.S Sorry this is in the Pregnancy section, but it is my favourite section and I know I will get some great answers!Serious Question? How did you fall in love with your Husband/Partner? Please Answer!?
Life is not like the movies. So you cannot expect it to be. You will be setting yourself up for dissapointment if you think that way. True love does exist, but is different for everyone. When I met my now hubby, I think after about five days I was sitting talking to my sister and said ';is this really possible? it has not even been a week.'; She just looked at me like I was crazy. then a few days later, one week to the day after the day we met, we got engaged. But were seperated for an entire year. So a long time, long distance engagement. When he came back we did not have all the first time jitters and excitement. We just sort of fell into daily routines, and normal life. We did not have a fairy tale wedding. We instead eloped. We did not have a tux or a dress, or a reception. We did not even have a honeymoon. And it took four years for me to have a wedding ring.

But you know what, this is ok. We are happily married, we have a little girl who is great. We love eachother, and we fight with eachother. We clean the house together, and we take care of our child together. We are not rich, but we get by. Together. that is my point. Life is not a movie. It is reality.

So if you have a man, who is good to you and you are good to him, then be happy together. Enjoy the small moments.Serious Question? How did you fall in love with your Husband/Partner? Please Answer!?
a love with stars in your eyes ,wanting more yet getting lies ,How do you know where you wanna be if the look in your eyes isn't what you see. No it could be. Take a step back and look all around loves always there on solid ground .Touch the people in your life . Then reach out and find the rose glasses are gone , somehow you'll know , what could be right and wonder if its gone .
The first time I met him in person, I knew in my heart that one of these days I was gonna marry him. He felt the same way too and 5 months later we married. It was a beautiful whirlwind romance and it hasn't died down.
When I fell in love with my husband, I did feel it, I didn't know thats what I was feeling. I have loved him very much more and more.... 12 years

It took him awhile to see it but, our there was always Love and everyone knew it....
I love this question! It makes me think of the first day I met him!

I met my boyfriend of 3 years when I moved high schools my junior year. I not only moved high schools but I moved out of my house in town to a small house out in the country. We were both into sports and we had to work a skeet shoot in the summer before I started at my new school for fundraiser money. This was right before I moved in my new house and I only knew a few girls from the basketball team, no guys yet!

Well long story short! lol. I was standing at my booth waiting for the shooters to come and he came by on a tractor. He stopped the tractor to introduce himself (1st guy to introduce himself to me from my new school!) and asked me if I was the girl that was moving down the road from him? I told him where I was moving and sure enough it was 3 houses down from him!! It was meant to be! I just knew it. After we talked for a little while, he took off on his tractor and the trailor he was hauling on the back fell off!! LOL I thought it was adorable and he was not embarrassed at all! We both laughed and it was love from that moment.

In fact, his mom had known that a girl (me) was moving into that house 3 houses down from him and my guy told me that he knew we would be together before he even met me! Like, that summer, he had told one of his buddys that he was going to date the new girl that moved down the rode from him...its really weird! but look where we are now!

Even though I do believe we are meant to be together and it was ';love at first sight'; , we did not start dating right at first. I had a boyfriend at the time. My boyfriend now never told me he liked me but...I could tell. He pretended that he needed help in American History and he would come over to study! lol it was really sweet. Well, about a month later, my ex broke up with me and guess who was the first person I called to cry on his shoulder?? yepp. A few weeks later, he confessed his love for me and we started dating and have been together ever since...very happy!

I do believe in love at first sight but I also think it takes time to grow! I also think it is important to be friends first. I mean, he used to tell me everything, even about the girls he would kiss! We would tell each other everything...and now we are still best friends and very much in love!
It was kind of I can't believe I love you like this and you actually love me back. I really didn't see that unconditional love growing up. He showed me what it was really like to be in love. Every time I would see him I was just overcome with happiness and couldn't wait for him to hold me in his arms. I still feel like that after 4 years. I think it was both a combination of instant love and gradual. You have to learn to love everything about the person you love. You learn things over the years and it either makes you love them more or you realize that it wasn't meant to be.

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