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How do you fall back in love with your husband?

My husband and I have been together for 4 years and I love him very much but I dont have that same feeling that i used to have. I want to have butterflies and want to hang out with him and have fun?..Basically our life and love life has fizzled...HELP MEHow do you fall back in love with your husband?
It's impossible to keep those '; butterfly'; feelings if you have been married for 4 years. Your relationship is on a much deeper level now. Your desire to connect with your husband should not be prompted by butterfly feelings but instead, it should arise as a decision on your part to want to bond with him closer. Then those butterfly feelings will be the result of this desire for your husband.

You said you love him very much. That love already serves as a fertile ground to deepen that connection between the two of you. You are partners in life. Give him the love and appreciation and let him provide you with the same love, security and stability.

Go on a date and dress up for him !

Here's something that I hope will help.鈥?/a>How do you fall back in love with your husband?
Sometimes finding fault in people is easy, but when it comes to finding the good in people we find that hard to do. So you have to think back as to when you first met him and think about what was the things he did or said that made you fall in love with him. You have to go out of your way to find that spark since you are the one feeling alone in this marriage. Try to set up a date with him and just hang out and have fun. Try being romantic at home when he least expects it, try meeting him at a cheap hotel but be in character and he wouldn't know who you were at first, but he will soon, wink, wink. Just have fun with it and try to get to know him all over again. Don't put too much pressure on yourself or him or your marriage, just see where it goes and see what happens and just go along for the ride. The wrinkles will iron themselves out and you both will soon have that spark that has died down for awhile, but it's not out yet so there is more than plenty of hope for the two of you yet. Go have fun!!!!!, and Good luck.
Yes over time that does tend to happen my husband and I had a year or two where we just wondered why were still together and had a hard time remembering the way we used to feel. The best thing to do is go out and do fun things maybe try something different that you have always wanted to do. Make sure you are taking time every week or month to go out for a date night. Think back and remember the way he was when you met and how much you felt for him that helped me remember how wonderful and amazing my husband was. And spoil yourself. I know that sounds weird but take a bubble bath or go get your hair done something to make you feel different about you. he will notice that. You actually might want to talk to him about this too. That was actually the 1st thing that we did and it wasn't very pleasant but you have to be able to communicate in a marriage to make it work and once the feelings are out there then it's easier for both to remember old feelings. Try getting some fun things for the bedroom too. spice things up everywhere and you might start seeing the old him. Just do whatever works for you but it does sound like you need to change whatever you are currently doing. good luck and it can be done.
Well my friend i will answer this the best way i know how and hope that it will help you out.I dont want to say you cant fall back inlove with your husband but if you think it has fizzled and you dont have those butterflies then u have to ask yourself do you even want to fall back in love with him??

I myself went through a similar situation.I am on my 2nd marriage which i wish was my first lol but its not.My x husband who unfortunately is no longer living went through some things in his life and we grew apart and he changed and well i just fell out of love with him.I didnt get those butterflies and i didnt even want to be near him.Well we had kids things were complicated so i stuck it out for the kids which was the wrong thing to do but i did.I finally woke up one day after being married 9 yrs.and said what the heck am i doing?I cant stay married to this person.No way!!!!So yrs.later after we divorced and moved on with our lives i got back in my local church where i met the man i am married to now and though i said i would never get married again.Yrs.later i now still have those butterflies.I want to hang out with him every min.of the day.He is my bestfriend,my lover,my everything and if you dont have that in a marriage then there is no point.So,search your heart my dear and see if deep down you still really do love him.If so then figure out a way to make it work and it will.Good luck
There is something to be said for that comforting love. It's not always going to be newlywed love. You're not always going to have fireworks and bells and whistles. It's the evolution of a relationship. Broaden your relationship by trying new things together. Take an art class together. Go somewhere different. Drink lots of wine and play board games until you fall over laughing. Whatever people ';like you'; do. Continue to build the bond but don't give up. I gave up and I'll be sorry forever.
It's just the natural order of life. At times you'll feel like you can't live without him you love him so much...then other times it wouldn't bother you in the least if he took a 2 week vacation without you. it's just the way life is. As far as the butterflies in your stomach...well, new love does that to ya, but new adventures for you and he could also do that. Be creative, try something new to spice things up. As long as you both really still love each other you'll be fine. Hope this helps...
Be an Amazing wife for 30 st4Right day,. by giving freely and often to his whims, and make sure to massage him on his back and feet, tell him how much you want him to beg happy, ETC. Cook all his favorite foods, etc. do what HE wants to do for those days with NO complaints. You Will fall back in LOVE by selfless giving.
Reminisce about old times, plan dates [[you should never stop dating]], dress up and perfume yourself... guys like it when you look good. Make him want to seduce you again. Try something new.. maybe something you've both wanted to do but, haven't done yet. Try ';doing-it'; some where new... haha idk, think of something.
Dido...I am board line hating my husband and I would be happier single...lonely but happier.
I am in the same exact situation. When you find out the answer would you please let me know? Thanks.
let him miss you. Go stay with a relative, like say for a visit. Fondness makes the heart grow warmer
pretend he is someone else.
My aunt felt this way as we'll 20 years being married to my uncle. Untill one day she was just feed up. Told him she was no longer in love with him packed her cloths andd 6 months later divorced.

Is there anything that makes you happy or that you love about your husband. If there is nothing that you feel for hime be sure to let him know Now!. Not 10 years later. My aunt said she felt this way for a long time untill she just blew up. SHe thought that you are supposed to stay in your marriage threw good and bad. But she was unhappy for so long. She never told my uncle and he never had a clue she was not happy and not in love with him anymore. If you don't find anything good about your husband that makes you happy then tell him don't wait years of yours or his life. Good Luck!

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