Monday, August 9, 2010

How to make your husband fall in love with you again after he cheated?

What every person needs whether they acknowledge it or not is a sense of belonging to someone and a feeling of closeness.

For a relationship to work, both need to communicate well and know the other person well, and allow the other to know you well.

Spend time talking to him; reveal yourself to him. By this I mean talk about your dreams and desires. Reveal your heart.

It would be good if he could do the same. But that's a little tougher. But have conversation with him about things that interest him. Whether its sports, politics, whatever.

Even if things aren't going perfect, go out and have coffee somewhere pleasant and watch people go by.

Communicating and getting comfortable with someone comes before love.How to make your husband fall in love with you again after he cheated?
I really wish this question said: ';how to make your wife fall in love with you again after you cheated?'; But alas, seems to be an extraordinary amount of wounded women walking the planet.


Here's what you do, he cheated on you with someone who created mystery, had an allure and was most likely tough to get. You have to be this woman. You have to be your husband's mistress. Sex him everyday. Leave the girl talk to the girlfriends. Don't nag and don't clean up for him. Be mysterious and aloof. Vamp up your appeareance (men are visual creatures), but above all, be utterly convinced of your own beauty, intelligence and power or it will never work. Good luck.How to make your husband fall in love with you again after he cheated?
This is a tough one.

Forgive Forgive Forgive. But that is not enough. You must forget too.

The two of you need to go somewhere alone and both decide whether this relationship is worth saving. If you both decide it is, he needs to be prepared to let you verbally brutalize him and let him take his licks for hurting you. Do to him whatever it takes and say whatever you need to say.

Once you leave that place you leave all that crap right there and NEVER pick it up again. Never bring it up in fights or to your GFs.

I recently saw the new movie Sex in the City. In the movie one of the main characters and her man agreed that if they wanted to continue thier lives together they would individually come to a bridge. If they both showed up they were willing to recommit.

This is a good idea, to see if your husband WANTS you back or if he is going to just cheat again and again. Remember, it is easier to gain trust than to rebuild trust.
So many people are going to tell you to let him go, but I give you a LOT of credit for wanting to save your marriage. It WILL be very difficult - for both of you. Before you even try, make sure that you can forgive him because forgetting will be oh so difficult %26amp; may take quite some time.

If you are sure, then you two need to go away alone together for at least a week. First, spend some time talking through what happened - why he did what he did, how it affected you as well as him. Why are you both willing to try again? Communication is ESSENTIAL if this is going to work.

Then try to reconnect like you did when you first were together. Do the things that made you fall in love at first. FInd some new interests you can share. Even when you return home, spend as much time together as possible - not smothering each other - but staying connected. Be sure to have a weekly date night. Cuddle on the sofa to watch a movie. You can reignite your love IF you both want it %26amp; if you're both willing to try. Good luck - this will probably be the most difficult thing you'll ever do!
He should be the one to put forth the effort and show his love for you. HE'S the one who breached your trust and love, therefore it is up to HIM to make up to you.

Don't let him turn this into your problem, or accept the blame for his cheating. Only a real jerk of a husband would blame his infidelity on you. If that is what he is doing, you seriously need to reconsider your marriage.
I think you are asking the wrong question. He needs to be trying to win you back. And he needs to be doing whatever he can to make you forgive him and love him again. If it is the other way around then he will just cheat again. There is no point in staying with a man who doesnt love you after cheating. That just means he is not happy in the relationship and will continue to cheat and hurt you.
You cant make someone love you. In trying to do so all you are doing is rewarding the behavior and they will loose all respect for you and you will loose respect for your self he needs to prove to you that he loves you hes the one that screwed up not you. Girl get your self esteem back and leave the jack *** alone.
Has he said to you that he was sorry and have you forgiven him? I would spend a lot of time in the bedroom if you know what I mean, so he won't even think of another woman. If not, then you need to talk this out. You need to know that he will not do this anymore. Good luck!
You have it backwards, sweetie. Your husband cheated on you and you act like it's something you did. Lose that mentality and let it be known to your cheating husband, it will be up to him to earn your trust and love back.

Tuco thinks he still loves you. He is just confused. Give him one more chance to focus on you and if he strays again let him go. Adios.
Why would you want him to.He is a loser dump him and find someone that will treat you with the love and respect all women deserve
What??? He should be working on having you fall in love with him again after what he has done...
Once a cheater, always a cheater. Leopards don't change their spots.
Sorry...but I think he should be asking ';how to make my wife fall in love with me.....after I cheated on her';?
I wouldn't wanna fall in love again with a man who cheated on me.

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