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How fast did you fall in love with your husband & got married?

When I met my husband I thought he was not for me for many reasons, went from that to marrying him in 5 months.... that's all it took to fall in love with him.... anyone here married that quickly?How fast did you fall in love with your husband %26amp; got married?
Your husband is probably a really cool guy to sweep you off your feet that quickly. He must be really handsome, intelligent and quite the loverHow fast did you fall in love with your husband %26amp; got married?
My grandparents knew eachother for 3 days and got married. They had three kids including my mom, and are still happily married. They are now in their 70's. It is really a great story, I always make my grandpa tell me it!

Oh, and the first day he met my grandmother he told her he would never get married...ha! that didn't take but two more days!
I married my husband and got pregnant 8 months after we met. BIG mistake!!my husband is a good man . at first everything was perfect but now we realize we have nothing in common except we both have bad tempers and we always argue. right now we are just trying to make it work ...good luck to you guys
We met on Boxing day 1993 were dating by mid Jan. Engaged 6 weeks later and married in Sept 1994.
We met in May, got engaged in Dec and married the following June.

WE knew we loved each other by the 2 nd month into dating..he even got me a puppy for my birthday!

So, everyone is different....

blessings to you and yours
8 years and counting
We met in the end of March, said ';I love you'; by mid April, engaged the first week of June, and married by the end of September. It was all pretty fast, but I regret nothing and am the happiest I've ever been.
Fell in love pretty quick. Took forever to get him to walk down the aisle though.
I did not marry that fast but I met my husband in a chat room in May of 1997. I fell in love with him in 3 weeks of talking on the phone and never seeing him. I met him after that 3 weeks when we both drove to a mid point between our homes, Tennessee and Oklahoma, and we met for the first time. By December of that year I had pulled up stakes in Tennessee and moved to Oklahoma to live with him. We were married in 1999. He is the love of my life.

Good Luck
I fell hard and fast. We got engaged in 3 months and got married about 18 months later. I knew he was the one right away. Don't ask me why, just did.
Right when I met him. Love at first sight I guess. We got married a year later. I love every min of it! =]
it is unbelievable, but it happend.... met in a shop, our eyes and lips and face and body movements expressed our inner feelings,.... morning love, evening marriage, night ...?????... love is continuing with the same intensity even today .... and quite happy with lovely 2 kids...
I met him about 4 or 5 months before we started seeing each other romantically, we lived together for a few months before we said I love yous, we lived together for a year before I asked him to marry me and we'll have been engaged for two years before we have the party. We already refer to each other as husband and wife. The wedding is just a technicality and something we're doing to involve our families in our lives.
We met Aug. 29th, moved in after Christmas and got married in June on the 26th. Had a baby in April. That was 14 years ago. We are still together and still happy. We have three kids.
well not that quickly but i met my girl 2 yrs ago and now were married, but we knew we wanted to get married after 5 or 6 months. I Love is love and when u know its right HEY! u know its right =)
No I didnt marry my true love that quick .

My husband and I met by chance on the street in my home town when I was 13 , he was 15 , we dated on and off for 3 years I couldnt really let him go emotionally but was to young to understand why he'd show up once a year out of no where after we hadnt seen each other for 12 months , we have a city fair here August in every year called the EKKA.

He'd show up take me in spend 100 to 150 dollars per time on me and then we'd spend 3 or 4 days after hanging out and drooling over each other.

We seperated for 16 years didnt see each other and then by chance we met again at an old hang out and he kissed me , I was close to the end of my divorce and he had just filed for his.

Every year when we'd meet up he'd hug me and his hug alone felt so homely , loving , comforting safe.I longed for my 1st husband to hold me the way he held me but my husband just wasnt as caring and wasnt as in love with me as my 2nd husband was before we married.

That kiss that night by his car melted my stone cold heart , after 12 years of a cold abusive marriage he gave me reason to believe in love again.He walks around in his jeans , no shirt , his 6 pack tensed and strong , his tan glistening.

I love looking at him.His kiss still melt's me .I have been in love with him to long , I dont know how to not love him , I've never opened my heart to any man the way I have to him and I never will again.
My husband and I married in 3 1/2 months (180 days)

It has been 7 1/2 years and we are still very happy.
I, like you, did not think my man was for me either. In my eyes we were buds,in his,soon to be wife. I wanted NO part of that. So, when he told me he wanted to marry me I put him on the run. Within hours I realized I had made a terrible mistake and was missing him like crazy. I remembered that day at the beach when he told me I loved him but wouldn't admit it,';One day you will.'; he'd said, and I burst into laughter telling him he was toooo sure of himself. He smiled and said,';I see it in your eyes.'; I didn't buy it. I thought of picnics,beach walks and long talks. Moonlit strolls, ants in his pants (literally) and ice cream at the corner store. I curled up on my bed as the twang from Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty's famous ';True Love'; song flowed so softly through the airways and melted that ice right off my heart. By songs end I realized I was in love but had been fighting it tooth and nail. Tears blinding me I scurried through the house searching for dimes. I found five and headed for the phone booth two blocks away. Four dimes down and no Joe. my heart was sinking. I had one dime left and if I didn't find him on that one I'd never be able to tell him I was sorry. I had been so mean, down right cold to him. He had done nothing but love me and give me some of the best days of my life I had ever had. At the very least I owed him an apology. My heart was pounding as I dropped in the last dime and dialed the last number. He was there,,,,,,eternity passed those few seconds while I waited for John to get him to the phone. ';Hello.'; came that familiar voice I had grown so used to hearing. My heart seemed to stop and my mouth was soooo dry but I managed to squeak out a fumbled,';Hi.'; I quickly poured out my apology and explained that it was best this way. (I had been hurt so bad and was afraid of love.) I was too messed up to trust any man and he was better off finding a woman that had not been crushed by a bad man, I told him. I assured him it was best that we stay apart. I had a death grip on the reciever and felt like I would die if I didn't admit it,,,,,,,,,,,,long pause while I built up the nerve and finally I said, ';Joe, I love you.'; Like lightening I hung up the phone and ran the two blocks home, threw myself on the bed and cried my heart out. I felt so stupid for losing him AND it was my own fault. About an hour later there was a knock at the door. I was in no mood for company. I stomped to the door,yanked it open ready to tell off the person disturbing me and there, four steps down, looking up at me with his arms open was my love. I brushed the tears away and leaped into his arms and have been in them now for almost 29 years. It took only 2 months.
i got engaged after three and got married three months after that. But hey we're in the process of getting a divorce already...
I'v told people in 10th grade that I was going to marry my now husband. Everyone thought I was crazy but I knew we were meant to be since freshman year of high school. Now Im 19, a newlywed, and a military wife!
Spoke on the phone in March, he proposed in July, I met him in August, we married the following March.

Quick? Yup.

15 years later... still going.
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