Monday, August 9, 2010

How do you get your husband of 6 yrs. to fall back in love with you?

He says he has fallen for another girl but he's only known her for 2 weeks. We have two kids together and I want to fix my problems and show him I can be what I once was!! He is my everything. How to show him I'm sincere?? I do not intend on giving up.How do you get your husband of 6 yrs. to fall back in love with you?
He is not right. Tell him if he wants the other girl to go ahead and you will divorce him and take the kids and sue him for alimony. He is immature.How do you get your husband of 6 yrs. to fall back in love with you?
Ok if you are staying there then you don't have to do anything. He will get stung and come running back to you. These relationships are like a fire, they fizzle fast too.

You can start fixing yourself up and maybe go back to school or work. Start having a life of your own. Men will respect you more if you have things going on for yourself.

If you are a stay at home mom, then he is using you for a maid. He knows how much you care for him and your kids and thinks he can walk all over you. Don't be so willing to go to bed with him. Tell him to pitch in around the house. Don't be too obvious but let him know you have to go to the gym or walk, anything to make him stay home with the children. Good luck.
sweety after he said what he said you want HIM to fall in love with you AGAIN? Why...he doesn't even sound like he respects you. Your children should be your everything, but if you really can't live without him suggest counseling, maybe that will help him, because he really did you wrong in getting with someone else while being with you. Hope you can see he's in the wrong here not you.
The commitment has to come from both sides. If he's unwilling, no amount of struggle on your part will make up for it. But if you both can work at it, my advice would be to begin by making a list of the little things that initially made you fall for one another, then exchange the list.

He's not in love with some women he met 2 weeks ago, he's in love with the care-free 'notion' of her. She's the absence of mortgage, kids, old wounds, responsibilities, everything....

Good luck. You sound like a good woman. I hope he's a good man.
Treat him like you did when you were dating him. Even with two children, you have to keep the spark going. If he really is your everything, you will find the energy. It's worth losing a little sleep.

If he has only known her for two weeks, I seriously doubt he loves her.
win the lottery, other than that you're done.sorry
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