Monday, August 9, 2010

How can you get your husband to fall in love with you again?

Stop nagging him and maybe he'll think about it. Hope it goes well.How can you get your husband to fall in love with you again?
Sorry to hear about your problem. Couple friends used the e-book at when they hit rough patches in their marriages. Now each has a warm, intimate marriage. It only costs about $30 from memory - might be worth a try, in fact it HAS to be worth a try. It gives you lots and lots of suggestions/ideas to bring back that spark again.

Also, think back to what drew you both together in the first place and try to repeat those actions/feelings.

A weekend away? Can't afford it? Put something away each week till you can - forgo ';treats'; or daily coffee or cigarettes to speed up your savings - then book a nice hotel (look for discounts online), bring out his fav lingerie and have fun together. Good luck.How can you get your husband to fall in love with you again?
A lot has to do with the reason why he fell out of love in the first place.

If it was your attitude then change and make him see that you have turned a new leave, it might take time for him to come around but he surely will, but if he found someone else and they are both in love, you might be needing a miracle.
You can't force him. Guys like special attention, dress up for him and plan a romantic night with special dinner, candles the whole thing. Seduce him all over again.
You must be the women again that he fell in love with in the first place. That is the only way only way.
sorry to hear that but don't loose your hope but as a guy if is gone is lone gone . also try to figure out why is he piss. start from there.
By giving him all the love he deserves.
You are his wife you know him better than us.
Let him free ,

Look at the other opened doors..

Give only birthday wishes..
Find your wild side, it will bring excitement.
Being pretty and sexy......that is the best way.

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