Monday, August 9, 2010

How do you fall in love with your husband if you've never been attracted to him & even resented him for years?

nurse him back to health.

if that opportunity doesn't present itself, pray for him everyday. Not sure what you believe, but two very helpful books as follows:

1) His Needs Her needs - if you don't understand your spouse this book will be a very helpful resource also has tips on how to avoid divorce if that's what you seek

2) The power of a praying wife - teaches you to pray for your husband and also to pray for your own peace and renewal of mind.

the easiest way to see a changed husband is to present the opportunity for his attitude towards you to change by bettering yourself. If you have given your all to this relationship (which by stating you have resented him clearly indicates you have not) than you should have no issues getting a favorable response and re-building or building a connection with him.

Finally, both of you must be in it for the long haul.

The only other thing I can offer is to seek therapy. Nothing feels better than winning a tough battle, but most of us fall under the pressure of the fight.How do you fall in love with your husband if you've never been attracted to him %26amp; even resented him for years?
think of why you married him in the first place, if that doesn't do anything, you need to be true to yourself and your husband and end your relationshipHow do you fall in love with your husband if you've never been attracted to him %26amp; even resented him for years?
you cant
thats imposible no matter if you try u wont you have been with him for years you already know what type of a man he is so there no surprises and if you werent in love why are you with him in the first place
YOU dirty, shrewd *****!! How dare you marry someone under false pretenses!! Marriage is something sacred and shouldn't be taken lightly you moron! You can't make yourself fall in love...that happens naturally! You are stupid!!
How do you fall in love with someone you do not like in that way .The answer is you cannot so please consider moving on and finding that love.
Start giving him very personal gifts. It will build love between you. Gifts are not just things to buy. A kiss or bj or washing his car are all great gifts. Hopefully he will start too and love will build.
Dear Fred

You've been asking variations of this question for a while now. Have you found a suitable answer? This is not a simple answer kind of question. Why did you marry in the first place? Why did you hook up?
Gee let's see. You're curious as to how you might fall in love with your HUSBAND if you've NEVER been attracted to him? What were you thinking when you thought it a wise move to marry the guy in the first place! I say you BOTH are morons and deserve whatever you get!
then why did you waste the money on getting married???
you cant

divorce and move on
Heres part of your answer from another question ';';and yet that was just not good enough for her! I just don't understand what she was thinking! I call my step-mom, Mom now, because she really is my true Mom. My Dad is not exactly a model or anything, but he is handsome. And when I was 18, I was worried about how I looked to girls, and about how my real mom had left my Dad, because she was not attracted to him, so I asked my step-mom to honestly tell me if she felt attracted to my Dad. She paused for a while, and said something that shocked me. She said that for a while (like the first few years of their marriage) she was not very attracted to my Dad, but that she kept choosing to do things to show love to him, and after a few years of consistently focusing on what she loved about him, she gradually began to be attracted to him, to the point that, now, she is very attracted to him. She made me promise to not tell my Dad. I didn't tell him. I'm glad that she was honest with me. It still hurts me though, because why did my real mom and my step-mom, even marry my Dad if they weren't attracted to him? It makes me think that a lot of women are like that. That's why I'll never get married, because I don't want to ever bring kids into the world with a wife who probably isn't attracted to me anyway. I wish my real mom would have worked at her marriage, like my step-mom does. My real mom is a loser. She's always been so focused on herself, that she never sees how much she hurts others. I wish I could go back in time and wake her up from her twisted thinking. It's like she thinks happiness comes from other people or other things or something, but she's never happy. She's searched and tried all sorts of hobbies, interests, and everything, and she's never found happiness. My step-mom however is the happiest person I know, and it's not like my Dad is Mr. Perfect. He is such a loser in so many ways, but my step-mom shows so much love and affection for him, that he wants to be a better man, and he has changed in many good ways over the years, which I attribute a lot to my step-mom's unselfish ways that she serves him and loves him, even when he doesn't deserve it. I just wish my real mom would have learned from someone like my step-mom, about how to truly love your husband with unconditional love.';';';';

If both your parents are trying to move on (your dad with your 'new' mom and you mom with her bf's) then why dont you just let them be??

They weren't born to exclusivley serve you, both your parents ahve feelings and have a right to happiness so stop being a selfish brat and get a life of your own.
thats sad y marry him in the 1st place?
Seriously.... why are you still wasting time in this relationship. Get out and enjoy your life, you cannot move foward in that position.... good luck

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