Monday, August 9, 2010

How can you make your husband to fall in love with you again after 19 yrs of marriage?

Treat him like you did when you fell in love all those years ago. Give him attention and let him know he is your love. Don't fuss at him about silly little things like leaving the toilet seat up or the cap off of the toothpaste. Go out on dates and don't talk about your finances or any problems. Does he like sports? Take him to his favorite sporting event and show some interest in the things he likes so you can do things together. Ask him about things he likes and let him talk about himself and act interested. Men need to feel needed and wanted.How can you make your husband to fall in love with you again after 19 yrs of marriage?
if doing what you did to get him in the first place doesnt work...I cant imagine what would.How can you make your husband to fall in love with you again after 19 yrs of marriage?
how about this time you ask him to marry you and get your vows renewed,go for min honey moon. get kinky and throw some spice in there....
Do you know that he fell out of love with you or is it just the dreaded RUT?

I believe that if two people that have been married for some time, they should take care of themselves out of respect for themselves and their spouse.

But keep in mind most of us will never have a 17 year old body again and I am not implying that!

A)Do the unexpected and spontaneous!

B)Take a romantic dinner somewhere new!

C)There are all sorts of intimate books to share new experiences!

D)Can u say Fredrick's of Hollywood or Victoria Secrets(Woo woo)

E)Tell him how much you mean to him and he will be a fool not to reciprocate.

F) Don't feel bad and get that baby sitter for the children or let them bond with the grandparents! Do this at least twice a month!

The Best Luck to You and Your Hubby :)
Sweet Pea you can never make anyone do anything. If you want your husband to love you the same or more try new things. You guys have been married for 19 years and some things may be old or what I like to say is routined. Do you still go out on dates, do you still do romantic things for each other? Better yet, find out what makes your King happy and then work with that. You have to sometimes initiate different things in your marriage to make it fun and interesting again When married this long we forget what it was like in the beginning. What made you want to marry him? It had to be something good, so again start there and work your way up! God bless you!
Start dating and having fun again like when you were dating. Take time for one another, fix yourself up so you feel great about yourself, do little extras like favorite dinners, perfume, notes in the lunch etc. Make things feel new again and do stuff like you did when you were 1st together...
You go back to thinking and talking about how and when the 2 of you fell in love.

That will bring back the memories, which will probably bring back some of the feelings.

Think back to how you 2 were when you were just dating.

But let me ask you this?

How do you know that your husband isn't still in love with you?

Men don't show it they way we do, but if you go back to doing some of the things in the past that turned each other on, that should get things going again.

Start going out together more.

Spending more time together.

Sometimes we let life pass us by.

Become a couple again.

Hope some of this has helped.
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