Monday, August 9, 2010

Women!!! can you fall in love with your husband again?

Just woundering if my wife could ever love me like she used to.She used to be totally into me and I was too dumb to realize it and now i want it back more than anything is it possible anyone have any stories on how they fell in love with their spouse all over again and it was better than before. Women!!! can you fall in love with your husband again?
Yes, I think it's possible. I have fallen in love with my husband all over again. We have been married 14 years, and have weathered our share of problems. We are committed to making our marriage work, and we have come out on ';the other side'; of a major difference in opinion - with compromise. I have fallen for him hard; all over again - yes it can happen.

Good luck to you.Women!!! can you fall in love with your husband again?
If you were too dumb to realize that she loved you, then maybe she won't get back with you because she will think that you won't appreciate her loving you, again.

Now I am going to tell you a story about my parents:

My mom and dad met at a club and fell in love. As soon as my mom had me, my dad didn't treat her right. I am not going into specifics, but it was pretty bad. When they came to America, my mom had enough. She separated from him. My dad cleaned up and declared his love for her. My mom still didn't forgive him, but little by little they got their spark back. Then came my brother. My dad has been the best everything ever since.

It is possible, but it will take a lot of work on BOTH parts. You need to give her what she needs...not just what you think she might need. You need to ask her specifically what she wants and needs from you...and even then you might get, ';If you have to ask, you don't care.'; Assure her that you do care and that's why you want to know what she wants. Don't be upset if it changes from time to time, just go with the flow. If you show her that you care, chances are she'll start to show you that she cares as well. But if you've hurt her a lot in the past, then it will be more difficult to attain that level of love.

Also, keep in mind that you'll probably never get that giddy feeling like when you first started dating, because that was just lustful love. Now you're in marital love, which is much, much different!
The first question is why did she fall out of love? I feel out of love with my ex husband because he had cheated. I could of learned to love him again. I wanted to love him again. Is it because of something that you did? You need to be persistent in showing her that you love her. Do things that you use to do and don't slack off. Believe me when I tell you that persistence does pay off.
yes yes i fell in love with my husband 25 yrs ago

then about 20 yrs of mundane city

he went to work over seas, [his plan] now the house is almost half paid off--it became stressful, lonely and sad--but i stayed in church.

i thought he din't love me after all--so bad emails

he recently came home for his rare visits--and we rekindled our love,

i found out we really do love one another, i think we were almost ready for divorce-but lots of prayer and i love him as i once did,

so yes she could certainly love you like she once did.

you have to court her a little though, %26amp; the jewlery he bought din't hurt. lol

I couldnt fall in love with my husband again. He hurt me too much, too many times. There's that saying- Fool me once, shame on u. Fool me twice, shame on me. I stay with him for my kids but he knows i hate him and why.
The solution is on the following book: The proper care and feeding of husbands by Dr. Laura.

You should read it and ask you wife to read it too. It will change your life completely and for good. This good does wonders.
First you have to become friends again. Do the things you use to do when the relationship was new. If she remembers why she feel in love, and you still can be that guy I don't see why not.
Your asking the wrong person ASK YOUR WIFE

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