Monday, August 9, 2010

How to turn your husband on and make him fall in love with you again?

How to change when you know you have a snob attitude?How to turn your husband on and make him fall in love with you again?
wear sexy things..... say sexy things...... compliment him on things......

turn his head from time to time.How to turn your husband on and make him fall in love with you again?
One thing that concerns me about your question is ';. . . .make him fall in love with you AGAIN?'; Then you follow up with the ';snob attitude'; comment.

Has your husband fallen out of love with you because he thinks you're a snob? Your problem may be deeper than having the ability to ';turn your husband on.';
I absolutely love this site and have read many of his books. I suggest browsing and if you find a title of a book you like , you usually can find it on amazon and read the contents and an excerpt to get an idea if its something that you are looking after. Below is a link to a book I thought you might like it.
Think about what you used to do that he mentioned he loved. Things that he did for you, why you fell in love with him. The love is still there. You just have to revive it.

To answer your second question: You need to figure this out on your own, specific things you need to work on. It's good you're noticing.
Tell him you want to have a few drinks and watch some

porn with him...His choice, anything goes, be submissive.

That certainly is not snobbish, it is loving %26amp; sexy and

completely endearing to most men...

Impossible to resist and a memorable event which will

make him see you in a different light...
Introduce him to some new things. New positions, role play, lotions, potions, hand cuffs, anal, you can try many things. To overcome your snobbish attitude, start believing that everyone is far superior to you and you will do great.
Show him in any way that you've learned a lesson and won't do it again. Also show him lots of more femininity then before. And don't forget to take rice with water. They say it's good luck. Good luck
I think you're right, men are drawn to softness and innocence. It's the opposite of what we are. Somewhere under all that snobiness has to be a playful little girl dying to come out and play. We are all kids at heart, right?
Just start to chill,relax and not be so uptight about everything. That should cure the snobby attitude. As for making him fall for you again, i say suprise him with things he oral, cheap wine and take out.
Repeat whatever you did the first time around. I don't get the snob attitude thing but if you have been acting up then say sorry and stop. Easy!
for your husband you should try everything that is reasonable.
if you are an American such as myself, give up now.. its not going to work. snob attitude comes with the territory and it ain't goin nowhere..
Ask him what he likes and what he wants from you. If that doesn't work, marriage counseling.
try marriage counseling - learn how to speak to each other and really communicate....
If you ever find the answer to this question please email me with it...
try to change, and maybe show a little loven... =]]

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