Monday, August 9, 2010

How old were you when you met your husband/wife?

I hear ppl say all the time that you can't fall i love in your teens, its not real but i don't believe it. Anyone out there with a great teen love story to tell? How long have you been married/ together and how old were you 2 when you met/ started dating or w/e? Thanks for the stories!How old were you when you met your husband/wife?
36. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right person.

When you do find them, make the most of it, because not everybody is that lucky. Sometimes they don't realise it at all.How old were you when you met your husband/wife?
35 second time around 17 first time.Does that tell you anything?
It's not that you CAN'T fall in love with your life mate when your a teen only that it is HIGHLY unlikely.

Yes, I met my husband in high school. But it was only so much as a face to a name. We didn't start dating until we were 22, after I had been in (and out of) the Navy and he had one more year of college.
I met my husband when I was 12, he was 14, we were Freshman. He used to walk me home everyday and by me soda and a snicker bar. We would talk and laugh and kick eachother in the butt and run down the street. It was awesome. We got married when i was 18 and he was 21 and then we went to Dave and Buster's and drank beer and played video games, it was also awesome. Now we are 23 and 26 and we are going to buy a house, and live the rest of our days playing video games and eating pie and enjoying eachothers' awesomeness. Relationships are harder to maintain when you are young, that I think I know. When you are young you don't know what love is really, it's growing together that makes you strong enough to fall in love.
16. but we didnt date for a few years later
Met in Aug of 92~~16

Reacquainted in summer 93~~17

Started dating in July of 94~~~18

Engaged in Dec. of 95~~19

Married in Sept. 96~~~20

Still married it will be 12 years this fall............

I might add this was not my first ';love'; I had a very serious high school relationship. I was sure he was the one. I did love him and still have a sweet spot in my heart for him but life had other plans for the both of us. Love will come and go in your life. I married my soul mate, the man that met my needs and I his, but I can honestly say was not my only ';real'; love.
met him in french class as a freshman. he was a sophomore. we were really close friends. didnt date til a year later. in college and engaged =)

you're right. you can fall in love in your teens. its just that its a lot harder to make it work because people change, and everyones still growing and learning about themselves. doesnt mean it cant work though! =)
12...but we didnt get together until i was 26 and he was 27.

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