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How do you make your husband of 2 yrs fall back in love with you?

my husband says he still loves me and he says he is still in love with me. how come he wouldn't show it then? how to i make him be more affectionate?How do you make your husband of 2 yrs fall back in love with you?
He still loves ya, people are on two separate developing planes, at different points in our life we catch up with the other and are in tune again, then it seems one of jumps ahead again and then we catch up again...that is the meantime arouse him with subtle innuendos...How do you make your husband of 2 yrs fall back in love with you?
its easy in life to get busy and ';forget'; to be affectionate with you spouse. We're busier now than ever. Your husband is probably wanting to make sure he's taking care of you...working, providing, etc. Men forget that bringing home a paycheck or fixing things aren't all that is needed. He is showing his love through those things. Just tell him its him you want, not what he can provide.
if possible- do things without him. unfortunately just bec we are married doesnt mean that we dont have to play ';games'; anymore. take a class- maybe salsa dancing, or follow up on a dream (even a mini one) of yours. he loves you but if you want to interest him (which seems like it really is) u have to do something new so that he has something to ask about. there are free things to do and things that cost dollars, play with it and good luck.
Tell him that you want more affection and give concrete reason on how he can show this to you.
I think you husband is still in love with you but perhaps you two have let the intimacy leave your relationship. Spouses are sometimes like a mirror and they are reacting to the way they are treated. Make him feel special by complementing him in front of other friends. Whisper little suggestive things when he least expects it. Be spontaneous, fondle him while driving and say ';oops, you look so cute i can't keep my hands off you.'; Make him feel special and unless he is dead, he will come around.
Maybe you can have a festival with your husband.
Wear sexy lingerie and do what you did when you first met him to turn him on. If you put on weight, take it off. If you lost weight, put it back on. Be the person you were when you married two years ago. If that does not work, he is just talking to hear himself. You cannot MAKE someone love you if they don't love you to begin with.
me too...
spice it up ,,change your every day habits and go back to what use to work
You really can't change people...but perhaps if you stop insistin of him to be more affectionate...he would, he will be more at ease...when your in love and you feel neglected, my personal experience him a little taste of his bf, used to be let's say..not the most affectionate guy in the world.. I in the other hand...would buy him the world if i could, well when my bday hit and i got NOTHING..nada nada de nada...I kinda got the picture, so for his bday..he got nothing..I didn't even call, so I was like that for a couple months..he realized how un-special he felt, with no compliments, no affection showin..he finally got how I felt..It wasn't like i was askin for flowers everyday or anything, it just nice to feel loved once in a stop expectin it..he'll come around. Men are like, they don't realize what they have until they lose it.
There is a book called The Seven Love Languages. It tries to explain how differently some people show their love and affection. It might give you insight into what your husband is doing to show he loves you. It may not be what you expect, but it would still be his attempt at showing you he loves and cares for you.
Honey, you cannot make anyone do anything. He must want to do it himself. It sounds like he is being honest about his feelings towards you, but I also sense that you do not believe him. Am I right?

I promise you this... when you treat him like you want to be will come natural for him to respond.

Remember the old saying ';do unto others as you would have them do unto you';? It works. Try it.

Love is not a ';feeling';'s a decision.

You made a decision two years ago to love and honor your husband. Start showing that to him...see what happens

Also, ask God to soften his heart to your needs and desires.

Prayer is very powerful....God hears us when he speak.
How about you be more affectionate with him. You get more bees with honey. Your husband is a man and they are a lot like little boys they want to feel needed and appreciate. You should do whatever it is you did to get him and keep doing that and add some spice to that.
u poor honey!!!!! i think he is just stressed out becuz of work. plan a honeymoon trip once again. or u may let u'r kids away from da house for a night. wear some sexy clothes on a night. arrange a candle lit dinner. some smooth music and wine. start by dancing an' then kissing. take him 2 the bedroom. but before all this, honey i think u must try not asking him anything(sex). u must act as if u r not intrested in him. i know these guys he will come 2 u by own.
Maybe your husband feels you have change. just be the wife he falls in love with 2 years ago.
First of all my friend, please live your life for God and then for yourself and then all the rest falls together happily.

Always love yourself and treat yourself as humble royalty, do things that u like, do alot with friends or maybe charity work and you will find satisfaction in that, then you will glow with this remarkable energy that shines and says';Hey! I am lovable!'; you should never have to ask for somebody's love, just know that it is there and treat it as so. One other thing I find that works is to don't cater to your man, let him cater to you. don't wast you energy fussing over him when u could be helping yourself and others, sweetie

God Bless your love life
thats not a big problem just show him your value . make him come to u show your hiden beauty to him little bit
He would not have married you if he did not love you.Guys think about this type of thing differently than woman. I have been married for 2 1/2 years and around our 2nd anniversary we kinda got into this rut where we would not talk to each other as much and things didnt seem to be going so good. So I decided to make some changes. First I tried talking to him and getting him to express himself more with me. Then I changed myself a little bit cause after being with him so long I got comfortable and we ended up more like buddies. So dress up a little more put on some make up take him out make him feel special and loved make him think that you only are thinking of him and want to make him happy.Change you sex life spice it up a little try some new positions, read some books about pleasing him and get him involved get him some books on pleasing you. Just dont let your life together fall into a routine change it up and remind him of why he fell in love with you in the first place.

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