Monday, August 9, 2010

How do I tell your husband your falling out of love with him,or that our marrige has reached its final draw?

I know what love is because, dont get it twisted i love my husband dearly...(Only thing is Im not IN LOVE with him anymore) We have been married for 2.5 years now and one of them we spent seperated bc he's military and so am i and deployments kept us apart. He's only been home for 7 months and all we have done is argue,make up and argue some more. I know marriage isent easy and i dont want to feel like im just giving up so easily,but the more we are around each other the more i just want to put this headache behind me...Some one mature pleassssse send me some words of wisdom.How do I tell your husband your falling out of love with him,or that our marrige has reached its final draw?
You both are military and go on deployments away from each is really hard to build a good marriage in this situation. You can certainly cash it in but why not try to uncover the issues of why you are arguing and see if they can be fixed --- I have learned so much since my failed first marriage -- -about her and about myself. Therapy didn't save my first marriage but it did lead me to solve some of my issues and has resulted in a much better marriage this time around.

Good luck.How do I tell your husband your falling out of love with him,or that our marrige has reached its final draw?
Would just lay it out there, it has to be hard and maybe he feels the same. Being apart for long periods can make relationship hard. I would just lay it out there to him and if he wants to work on it maybe one move out and work on it from a different level.

Good luck but just be honest and let him know how you feel.
Yes, marriage is hard work. And you two have never had time to work on yours. Everything was probably fine during the honeymoon stage, but then instead of living together on a daily basis and going through the adjustment period that most couple have to go through, you were apart from each other. When you finally did have to share living space again, it was like being with a stranger.

Talk with your husband, really communicate. Instead of telling him that you have fallen out of love, ask him he thinks that you both could work on making your love and commitment deeper and stronger.

This won't be the first or last test that your marriage will go through. If you just give up on this one, you may give up on your next one too. It is not uncommon for married people to go through periods where the love doesn't seem as strong. But the couples who recognize what is missing and work to bring the love and closeness back into the relationship, wind up with an even closer bond and a stronger marriage.
It's hard being married it's work. And if you really don't love him then be honest with him and tell him how you feel. You need to have a grown-up conversation with one another. Marriages in the military are complicated, and when you have children it just makes things that much more complicated. If you want out then get out now. Because the longer you stay together, the harder and more complicated it will become. You stay together, then you move to new duty station, thinking it will get better but the problems just follow you where ever you go. Best of luck.
Sit down with him and mention that you feel very distant from him. And that you think you are falling out of love with him.

Explain to him everything you wrote here.

You have to be honest, he deserves it.

Good luck.

You are coming out of the ';honeymoon'; phase of your relationship. You were physically and emotionally attracted to this guy and now you are settling in to being married. Every person and marriage goes through a down time. Its how you react and act during those times that either makes or breaks a marriage. Have you tried some counseling? It might not hurt.

Are either one of your being stubborn and only thinking of themselves? Are you unwilling to compromise when confronted with a problem? Would you be better off without him than with him?

Sit your husband down and talk with him. Tell him that you don't like the fact that all you guys are doing is fighting and you want to know if the both of you want to work to save your marriage. If you both agree that its past all hope, then you probably need to go your separate ways. The death of a marriage is a very sad thing. I hope you can work things out.

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