Monday, August 16, 2010

Has anyone ever fallen in love with a married family member such as your cousins husband.?

what do you do about this kind of situtation and can you give any advise as to what i should do about having these feelings for my cousins husband. he is not happy with his marriage and he approched me for the first time with his feelings about me. and things got alittle out of hand between the two of us but i stoped it before it got to far but now i am having deep regret that i should have just went with the flow. and i have always had these feelings for him myself before anything ever got started but now he says for the sake of his children he wants to try and work on his marriage and i support that but it still dont change our feelings about each other.i have was once married myself and i know when you are not happy in your marriage it just wont work out no matter how much you want to save it cause of the children. he is all i can think about. i know cheating on your wife with your own cousin isnt right i had the same thing done to me by my own cousin and my exhusband.Has anyone ever fallen in love with a married family member such as your cousins husband.?
I'm having difficulty determining whether or not you two are blood related. If you are, then please don't do anything with this man! However, if you are not blood related, consider what this man is worth to you. Your cousin, even if it isn't true, will probably see you as the reason her marriage didn't last. Your family will be upset with you as well and probably side with her if there is a fight. If he is worth the pain and heartache of your family being very angry with you and your cousin possibly never forgiving you, then you should continue with this relationship. However, it may be best to wait for his marriage to officially end, then slowly work up to a relationship afterwards. That way it doesn't look like you are the cause of his divorce.Has anyone ever fallen in love with a married family member such as your cousins husband.?
Please, back off the guy and give him the chance to work out his marriage. If it ever came out that you were messing around with him or he left your cousin for you, it would cause so much damage between your family. The children in the marriage deserve to have a mother and father in the same house. If there's a chance to save his marriage, then let him do it. If it cannot be done, then chances are they will be heading to divorce court...but don't be the cause of it. Nothing good will come out of it.
It probley is a sexual attraction that will pass if you don't pursue it but never ever get involved with a family members husband or marriage if you really care about your cousin you shouldn't be around her husband at all alone and you should tell her he wants to have a affair with you there is a world full of available men why do you want someone else already having relationship problems or fresh out of one much less a family member as sorts. P.S do you live in Arkansas????
Well, think about how you felt when your ex-hubby did the same to you. Weren't you so sad and alone? I personally think no man or woman should not be ';the other man/woman'; in a relationship. Hearts can be fixed when they are broken if it is only between two people, but if it is with 3 then it is hard to forgive. If you really feel, getting in between is the right thing then do it. But if you sacrifice your happiness for more than 1 people I think you can be happly deep inside. I think your cousin's husband can find a way to ne happy with his wife again. Do you really want to get in their way?

It is just my propective. You have to be the adult here and do the right thing you feel like the right thing?

Good Luck on you decision.
this is ';taboo';

Not to be done in a family!

i know whole familys that broke up because of this very thing... it makes enemies of sisters, brothers, mothers and cousins.

dont Even think about it!!!!!
you are being misled by your emotions. you have to give yourself sometime to think about it. your cousin's husband may have told you ';things';. but you really don't know if he's telling the truth. or he just wants an easy way out. a person who is in the right state of mind is not going to have a relationship with the husband of your own blood. think about your cousin too, how much it's going to hurt her. if your going to continue with this sinful relationship, you are not only going to be a homewrecker but you're also going to ruin your relatinship with your cousin. as you said you have been in this situation before, you know how much it hurts to be left for another woman, much worse it's your cousin. let me end this answer by saying this, do not do unto others, what you don't want others to do unto you. so i hope that you have your mind cleared about this.

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