Monday, August 9, 2010

Are you IN LOVE with your boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife?

Care to share your thoughts?

How long was it before you fell in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife?

Do you remember where you were, or what you were doing?

Have you ever fallen OUT of love?Are you IN LOVE with your boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife?
yes im in love with her but dunno what's she thinking i don't care about it either.that was love at first sight so the feeling is damn right just felt so good even just see her.i remember that day 3months ago in learning center i was just walking along to the door and as something from heart called me then i turned back and i see the girl who looking at me,the way she looked at me was gorgeous.that moment just perfect ever happened in my life then i had to go to the station for work and once again i met that girl in the same coach and we continue looking each other and that's night i couln'd get any sleep at all just thinking about her then i remember that it wasn't the first time i saw her we even already talked when i was i canteen i just don't remember her thought.Since that day i know that i am in love with her just getting deeper and deeper.i've alway been a loser and hurt by loveAre you IN LOVE with your boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife?
yes,still in love with her after 21yrs married.
It was love at first sight at the door at bar where he checked my ID.
With my boyfriend of over a year, It happened gradually, but each day that passes, I'm loving him more :]

and yes, I've fallen out of love with someone in a relationship that was based off of LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES.
Yes I am in love

we knew each other as not close friends

probably yes

NO we've never
Love???? Is this a fairytale?? Does an angel sprinkle moondust on me when I am in love or fall in love (whatever the proper term)? Love??
Yes, I remember the exact moment. It was our first date and I looked across the table at him, when he looked in my eyes I felt it. I told family and friends the next day that I had met the one, I told him 2 months later. ; ) And no I have not fallen out of love.

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