Monday, August 9, 2010

Ladies, have you ever fell in love with someone other than your husband? How did you get over it?

I have been married 3+ years, and always thought I loved my husband. I now find myself fantasizing and thinking about this other man every day. I try to stay busy, but I just can't get him out of my mind! Though he's never tried to make a move or anything, I can't help wanting to spend more time with him. What do I do? It's affecting the way I feel about my husband.Ladies, have you ever fell in love with someone other than your husband? How did you get over it?
Your first question is if you love your husband, if yes, drop it now. I fell in love with a married man while I was married, I even dreamed of being married to him. I left my husband (he told me when my oldest graduated she moved out or I filed for divorce), he wanted security before leaving his wife. Do not risk anything if you are not willing to pay the consequences. I realized being in love with someone while with another is not the love that is real. P.S. I am very happily remarried to someone new in my life.Ladies, have you ever fell in love with someone other than your husband? How did you get over it?
You are married, not dead, you are allow to fantasize and be attracted to other men. But if it's effecting you feeling toward your husband, you either stay away from the guy you are in love with and eventually hope that the attraction you have toward him go away and give your marriage a chance or really think about if you want to stay married to your husband.
Use the energy you are spending on this other man and use it toward your husband. Think of your husband more often, make a greater effort to look nice for him and that will help you refocus yourself. If you have problems with that then think how you would feel if you knew your husband was fantasizing about someone else.

Fantasy is normal but if you act on it, it will never be what you hope it will be. Acting on it will cause more problems than it will ever be worth.
uuummm yeah...your just really bored ... or he is just really bad in bed. Because my wife is definately not thinking of other men because I rock the sheets like no body's business. Or it could be you just really never loved him ... only you have the power to answer that, but one suggestion would be look at what you contribute to the marriage...good and bad....and what he contributes to the marriage good and bad, then try to find ways to correct and improve those. Maybe spend a little more time concentrating on what you can do to excite your current love life, instead of thinking of ways that would destroy it.
I can't say that I have ever been in your shoes. But maybe your marriage is lacking something and that is why you are turning your attention to another man. You should try working on what's wrong with your marriage rather than living in a fantasy world. Focus on what you have now and don't blow it on a fantasy.
the reason of marriage is a promise, a proof to your partner/lover that you can stay with them, and promise loyalty. if you're just going to forget about him and go with another guy, you've broken the promise and failed the proof, which is why you should prove to yourself that you love your husband more.
This is what you do:

Get some side action with the guy. Then feel guilty for a bit. Keep it a secret and then go to marital counseling.

That fixes everything.

Oh, and then when your husband cheats on you, you can be a hypocrite and get all upset like its the end of the world.
I started falling for this guy while i was in a relationship. I was thinking of him often...but when we got closer my body reacted and I said no, cause in the back of my head i thought about my partner...and how much I love him
First of all, talk to your husband and perhaps get some counselling. If that isn't working, leave your huband it isn't fair to him for you to stay in a marriage where neither of you will be happy.

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